Audit Services

“To Enhance and Protect Organizational Value by providing Risk-based & Objective, Assurance, Advice, and Insight”.


In keeping with this mission, our focus is on assisting the client organization in:

  • being able to optimize results, and
  • better manage risks that matter to enterprise-value and the achievement of corporate objectives

Risk-Based Approach



Audit Technology Tools


We use the secure technological platform to plan and perform the audit and document our findings. The electronic audit file allows us to manage the documentation efficiently, as the appropriate working paper templates are populated automatically with information from planning tool and mapping of the financial statements.


IDEA is the preferred software tool of audit and financial professionals for data extraction, data analysis, fraud detection and continuous monitoring. IDEA is recognized as the global standard against which other data analysis tools are measured, offering a unique blend of ease-of-use and powerful functionality. IDEA expands the depth and breadth of your analysis, increases your personal productivity and gives you confidence in your findings. With IDEA, organizations can achieve fast payback, reduce risk, assure compliance, minimize loss and enhance profitability. With IDEA you can:

  • Import data from almost any source;
  • Analyze data more quickly and efficiently, independently from your IT department, with an intuitive graphical user interface, pull-down menus, toolbars, wizards – such as Import Assistant, and HTML Help commands;
  • Produce reports with ease using the Report Assistant — design, preview and customize other settings specific to reports, such as breaks, titles, and cover pages;
  • Perform complex calculations using IDEA’s Equation Editor;
  • Compare, join, append and connect different files from different data sources;
  • Extract specific transactions, identify gaps (e.g., cheque number) or duplicates;
  • Profile data by summarizing, stratifying or aging the files;
  • Create useful file statistics automatically;
  • Create statistical samples using five proven sampling methods;
  • And much more.