Newsletter 6/2019 - GDPR Services 

Ever since General Data Protection Regulation came into force, Crowe Romania provided support for companies by offering specialized consulting service, outsourced DPO service, training, post implementation monitoring and auditing.
We manage the complex process of personal data protection for various business sectors by using a multidisciplinary approach and a team of lawyers, IT specialists and certified data protection officers.
Correct and personalized implementation of General Data Protection Regulation is the key to avoid serious operational, reputational and financial losses, either by administrative fines, that may go up to 4 % of global turnover, or by being liable for material or non-material damage to any person, as a result of infringement of this Regulation.
We prepared a new dedicated website where you may find useful information regarding the right approach of the Regulation requirements and also a brief presentation of our services.
We remind you that being compliant with General Data Protection Regulation and all privacy laws is not optional.


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