Crowe and e-Invoice

Digital Mind, the digitalization solution of Crowe Romania.


Starting in 2024, electronic invoices will become the standard in Romania. From 01.01 of the next year, e-Invoice will be a mandatory procedure for all taxable persons for all B2B transactions.

Crowe Romania, in partnership with Digital Mind, has developed a new service specifically designed to make the process of issuing, transmitting, and receiving electronic invoices simpler, faster, and more efficient.

The electronic invoice will be sent by the issuer to the national system via SPV, where the RO e-Invoice will check the structure of the invoice and apply the electronic seal of the Ministry of Finance, allowing the end recipient (the client) to download the invoice.

When it comes to the process of issuing, processing, and transmitting, we have prepared a diagram to illustrate the path of the invoices using the Digital Mind service.


The difference from other services is that users of the Digital Mind application can pre-allocate accounting accounts, VAT options, and even cost centers before entering the invoices into the company's ERP system. In this way, our clients ensure they get exactly what they need.

This process will be applicable for both purchase and sales invoices.


The journey towards digitalization has already begun with Digital Mind, a Crowe Romania company. Those who wish to join us in this endeavor or are curious about the application of new technologies in the accounting and auditing process can contact us for more details or even a demo.





Ionela Boghițoi

Accounting Partner

[email protected]


Camillo Giovannini

Audit Partner

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