Business Breakfast 2021

Business Breakfast 2021

We are waiting for you "virtually" with us on February 17 at the first Business Breakfast webinar organized by Crowe Romania.

Location: Online
Start date:

09/04/2020 14:42

End date:

09/04/2020 14:42

Business Breakfast 2021
2021 between expected and unexpected

On February 17 at the first Business Breakfast webinar organized by Crowe Romania. Starting with 10:00, we will start the first edition and we will direct our attention and discussions to the current context and to the changes generated from a fiscal and social point of view in 2021.

The main topics on which Crowe Romania specialists will stop and which they will debate intensely are:

  • Medium and long-term implications of recently adopted measures in the field of direct taxation of companies (ie fiscal consolidation, place of effective management, regularization of annual income tax, new rules on deductibility / non-deductibility, tax credit);
  • Obligations and changes in the taxation of individuals
    (i.e. benefits, non-taxable income, tax residence, extension of time limits);
  • Recent changes in VAT and local taxes with an impact on the business environment. BREXIT - "to be or not to be" in economic relations with Great Britain;
  • Tax and social support measures
    - tax amnesty, payment rescheduling, financial support and amendments to the Labor Code;
    Practical impact of fiscal procedure measures. DAC 6
    - between utility and administrative burden;
  • Internal audit between opportunity and obligation;
  • Sustainability report: EU Directive on the reporting of non-financial information.

Who are the speakers who will introduce you to the Crowe universe and with whose help you will find out the latest tax news of 2021? In the first edition of Business Breakfast brand Crowe Romania, you will be able to meet:

  • Mitel Spătaru - Tax Partner Crowe Romania
  • Elena Gogoneață - Senior Tax Manager Crowe Romania
  • Ramona Burduja - Senior Tax Manager Crowe Romania
  • Cristiana Oprea - Senior Tax Manager Crowe Romania
  • Adrian Stepan - Senior Legal Manager Crowe Romania
  • Andreea Mitrea-Năstruț - Advisory Senior Manager Crowe Romania
  • Camillo Giovannini - Audit Partner Crowe Romania


The webinar will take place online on Microsoft Teams. We will provide you with the link through which you can join the conference after the end of the registration period.
We remain at your disposal for further information.