Mitel Spataru

Mitel Spataru

Tax Partner

Mitel is a Tax Partner and has been part of the FiNEXPERT team for over 13 years. He has coordinated numerous projects, their results leading to the company's evolution.


Mitel has a vast professional experience of 20 years in the financial and accounting field and over 10 years in fiscal expertise. During his career, he assisted numerous companies with private, Romanian or international capital, to successfully identify and manage tax problems, to coordinate numerous projects, from revisions and tax audits to assistance in transactions and tax checks.


Mitel has a bachelor's degree in the Faculty of Finance, insurance, banks and stock exchanges and graduate of a master's degree in the field of "International accounting "- Faculty of Accounting and Information systems accounting, Academy of Economic Studies In Bucharest.


He is an active member of the Chamber of Tax Consultants of Romania (CCF) and holds two international certifications ADIT (Advanced Diploma in International Taxation) in the field of international taxation principles and transfer pricing.


He is also a speaker at numerous conferences and seminars on tax issues and an active member in the tax working groups of AmCham, CCIFER and RBL.