Carlos Sanz

Carlos Sanz-Mulas

Tax Partner

Carlos Sanz-Mulas is a partner in the tax area of Crowe Romania and coordinates the company's Spanish Desk.

With over 30 years of experience in taxation, working since 1985 at the Spanish Tax Agency, he started his activity in Romania in 1999, as a Pre-Accession Advisor in the Ministry of Finance, in order to prepare Romania for joining the Union. European.

In 2009, Carlos founded CIALT in Romania, with the support of a major Spanish consulting firm, implementing his knowledge of taxation, accounting, business planning, negotiation, experience in international taxation, tax residency issues, and even pricing. transfer. The company addressed mainly the Spanish business environment in Romania, having extensive experience and knowing very well the legislative environment, thus managing to offer a 360 ° vision both in Romania and in Spain, thus becoming a reliable partner for many investors. .

Starting with 2019, it joined the Finexpert group and as a result of this approach, the Group amplifies its international KNOW-HOW and expands its consulting team with a Spanish Desk integrated in the Bucharest office, continuing to support the development and increase of quality services.

Carlos holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Economics from the Complutense University of Madrid in Spain. He is also a member of the Body of Expert Accountants and Chartered Accountants of Spain, as well as a member of the Chamber of Fiscal Consultants of Spain and Romania (CCF) since 2010.