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Our professionals combine experience in specific areas such as audit, tax and information risk management with a detailed understanding of the various industry sectors of the Mauritian economy. 

We continually invest in developing our industry knowledge through our client work as well as through ongoing training and development of our people. We work with a broad range of clients in various industry the Key industries in which we are experts include:

  •   Financial Services
  •   Manufacturing
  •   Retail and Distribution
  •   Industrial
  •   Insurance
  •   Construction
  •   International Offshore
  •   Not for profit
financial services
Financial Services

Crowe ATA provides comprehensive audit, risk advisory, tax and other advisory services to Collective invest Funds, Investment Holding, Bank, Derivatives,
Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Maritime, Multinational, Operations, and Petroleum Industries in the Global Sector. The Mauritius Global business sector is a thriving part of the international business community. We delighted to work with our clients towards their continuing success.


Manufacturing is a skill-intensive and knowledge-intensive sector that requires extensive capital, global understanding and strong cost controls. The globalization developments such as the emergence of new and low cost competitors, the rapid pace of technological change, access to capital and skills shortages are placing enormous pressures on the sector.
In recent years, manufacturers have developed their position to cope with the threats from low cost emerging countries and manufacturers now aspire to provide excellent service supported by extensive research development and innovation. Manufacturers have increasingly used the low cost emerging economies as part of their business strategy and many are now developing active positions in these new world markets. 

That’s why you need to right information to hand to help you make the right decisions.

retails and distribution
Retail & Distribution

Sustaining a competitive advantage is the hallmark of today's retailing environment. As consumers have shifted their buying criteria to demand more value, better service
and greater convenience, retailers must adapt the way they offer services to meet these evolving consumer needs. 
The current economic environment continues to challenge retailers nationwide, and while some geographies and retail categories are proving more resilient than others, new challenges are facing everyone. Continued decreases in consumer spending, the lack of liquidity, and a continuing inability to use real estate as an accessible asset are driving
an increasing number of retailers into distress. 
Today’s challenges only add to the industry’s traditional needs: streamlining operations, increasing revenues, managing expansion and contraction, and maintaining a positive, consistent customer experience. 
Whether it’s restructuring or tax and audit needs, Crowe ATA’s retail professionals are among the most experienced in the retail industry. Our tax, audit and business advisors can help them address rapidly changing accounting and operational needs. We also provide guidance on major industry transactions, including mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. 


Through our high quality teams who have global expertise and in-depth understanding of the industrial products, Crowe ATA provides industry specific strategies and support to clients. Our aim is to deliver value to our stakeholders by providing them with solutions to the difficulties they are facing. 
Crowe ATA’s services in the area of Industrial Products include: 
• Cost reduction and performance enhancement 
• ISO assistance 
• Profitability and Performance 



Insurance companies come to Crowe ATA because they value our approach to meeting their assurance, tax, transaction and advisory needs. We don’t just know the issues, we’ve analyzed what’s behind them to understand the impact they have on you — and the way you do business.
The Global Insurance Center makes this possible by bringing together people and ideas from across the world, to help your business address the issues of today and tomorrow. We can help you manage risks and make the most of opportunities in emerging markets.
Our network of professionals provides broad experience to deliver seamless, consistent, high-quality services to insurers. So you can operate your business more effectively — and understand what’s ahead for your industry. 

In today’s construction business environment, keeping a step or a leap ahead of the competition can mean the difference between securing or losing a highway construction
 job or high-rise renovation project. 

Crowe ATA’s construction professionals understand the demands you face. We can work with owners and managers of architectural and engineering firms and construction companies to help you better understand your business and the issues affecting it.
international offshore
International Offshore
Managing audits and dealing with multi-jurisdictional tax matters of multinational operations is the core of Crowe ATA business. The scope of the network's global client management extends, therefore, beyond the delivery of compliance services to advising on international business structures and planning to minimise tax liabilities. 

The Crowe ATA Global offshore network is unique, in that it provides a centrally controlled environment combined with a strong local presence, delivering trust administration services to the highest standard. Many of the Crowe Global member firms in the offshore jurisdictions have been established to satisfy the offshore requirements of the network's international private clients.

Maintaining tax-exempt status. Adapting to new technologies. Influencing and responding to emerging legislation. Establishing board-governance best practices. 
While not-for-profit organizations share many of the same challenges and opportunities faced by for-profit businesses, they must also address a whole host of unique
regulatory and operational concerns. At Crowe ATA, our experienced professionals are fully versed in the needs of not-for-profit organizations and provide
expert audit, tax and advisory services. Crowe ATA’s outstanding reputation for providing high-quality service enables higher-educational institutions,
social-service organizations, associations, religious organizations, foundations and cultural organizations to serve their members, constituencies and communities
more efficiently and effectively.

For further information about our services or if you would like one of our professionals to get in touch with you, please contact us