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Career prospects, rewards and recognition

We offer competitive salary packages, and believe in rewarding and promoting the right candidates through our merit-based performance appraisal systems. Central to our rewards and recognition system is the half-yearly performance reviews where technical competencies comprise but a part of the whole appraisal. You will in addition, be reviewed on your leadership qualities, client servicing, ability to work with your teams and superiors, contribution to the firm as well as adoption of our core values and culture fit.

Broad professional exposure

Crowe ATA is an international firm associated with predominantly entrepreneurial owned and managed enterprises, including business that are global, public listed, multi-location or faced with complex issues. You will get ample opportunities to work on varied and multiple assignments which may include regional or international exposure.
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Learning and talent development

 At Crowe ATA, you will be put on a learning and development program to ensure that you become a top-grade professional in the process. Our development programme focuses on developing your technical skills as well as enhancing your grasp of the latest updates and changes in the industry. There are also opportunities for personal skills development such as leadership, time management, interpersonal skills and others. Staff-initiated team building activities are highly encouraged by the firm.

 Crowe ATA. believes that the education, training, and development of its employees are sine qua non factors for:

 (a) Attracting and maintaining a workforce which is committed and able to meet the demands of providing a quality service, at a competitive cost in a specialize and ever-changing environment;

 (b) The induction and orientation of new employees;

 (c) Keeping employees up-to-date, and abreast of new equipment, methods, and techniques in relation to their work, and updating skills, knowledge, etc, so as to enable employees to retain and improve their ability, efficiency, motivation, etc;

 (d) The general development of employees through, e.g., educational courses leading to appropriate professional certification, or non-qualification courses providing advanced knowledge in an appropriate subject or discipline, etc.

 Crowe ATA. promote and encourage participation in education and training programme which are designed to meet, or will assist in meeting, the general objectives outlined above.

 All employees studying for an accountancy qualification are entitled for refund of exams fees for each paper passed in the previous exams sitting. This is applicable for passed papers within the first attempt only.

 This policy has been implemented to encourage employees to highly concentrate on their education which in accordance with our Staff Training and Development programme.

 Staff working at Crowe ATA and having exams for any accountancy qualifications are entitle for study and exam leaves.

Inspiring work culture

We are a performance-based yet very much a people-focused firm – we believe in building value for both client and for ourselves – with our set of core values, with which we hold close to our hearts. Not only are these values translated into our work and service approach, they have become our culture, our way of life at Crowe ATA. Here at Crowe ATA, we practice an open door policy and strongly advocate mentoring. We work hard but we enjoy play too, taking time off for dinners, movies, games, outings.


 Life at Crowe ATA.

 Crowe ATA. in Mauritius is committed to provide direction and leadership to our employees through the development and support of policies and guidelines that contribute to individual and professional growth. We strive to foster an environment based on respect for individuals and their needs, recognizing that this type of atmosphere helps to ensure co-operation and teamwork.

 Employment and all related decisions are determined by ability and performance. Factors such as gender, age, national or ethnic origin, religion, race, color and family status are not considered in these decisions. All employees share the responsibility of making our firm an “employment equitable” work environment, free from discrimination, of any kind.
 The working environment will at all times be supportive of the dignity and self-esteem of its employees. To achieve this, our environment relies on mutual respect, co-operation and understanding among our employees.

 We have a number of different entry routes into our firm. Whether you are interested in Audit, Tax or Advisory entry routes, whether you are a school leaver, graduate, experience professional or looking at a support role within Crowe Horwath (Mur) Co., we can help you realize your dream.


Internship at Crowe ATA.

An internship at Crowe ATA. can be an intense, challenging and rewarding experience for you. Our internships are designed to give you real-world experience as you assist with actual projects, ranging from financial statements preparation to reports on internal controls. Serving clients in a wide range of industries, your internship could give you a glimpse into industries such as financial institutions, manufacturing and distribution, private equity groups, construction, food and agribusiness, not-for-profit etc.

 The choice is yours; you can take a semester off school to experience the intensity of the busy season or intern during the summer between terms. If Crowe ATA is right for you, your internship could become the start of a promising career with a full-time position at Crowe ATA.


 We are proud to have you as part of our progressive team. You will be hired because we believe you can contribute to the achievement of our goals and to the bottom line of success, and share our commitment to our mission statement.

 Crowe ATA is committed to distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service in all aspects of our business. As part of the team, you will discover that the pursuit of excellence is truly a rewarding aspect of your career with Crowe ATA. As a team member, you must "own" the results of your productivity.

 The success of Crowe is determined by our success in operating as a unified team. We have to earn the trust and respect of our clients every day in order that they make the decision to choose our services. We sell service and service is provided by people. There are no magic formulas.