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Realizing growth and increasing profitability

Mergers & Acquisitions and Business Divestments

Acquisition search:

Growth through acquisition of other companies, divisions and product lines is a common and effective approach used by many successful businesses. We will carefully examine your business strategies and plans, review your products and services in the context of the market and assist you in developing the appropriate acquisition criteria and strategy. By leveraging our industry insights and relationships we can carry out an efficient acquisition search to identify potential targets.

Business Divestments:

If you are considering a business divestment we can help you prepare your business for sale and assist you throughout the process and ensure your interests are protected. We will work with you to develop a detailed presentation on the business, covering its main activities, performance and growth to date, key strengths and financial situation. We can further help you to analyze and appraise your disposal options, identify suitable buyers, determine the sale price and manage the transaction process.

Financial Modeling and Review:

Through financial modeling and review we will bring clarity and robustness to your decision making and forecasting. Our financial models will facilitate a clear understanding of the effects of changes in key variables to the expected performance of the target company.

Deal structuring:

A critical part of any transaction is determining the key commercial terms and the legal structure of the deal. We will guide and assist you on various aspects of deal structuring that would include the legal entity that will be used as the vehicle to acquire the target company, the post-closing organization, the amount and timing of payment and accounting considerations.


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Transaction Support

Acquisition strategy:

For a merger or acquisition to succeed, it is necessary to follow a structured approach with clear strategic objectives, and detailed implementation plans within the overall objective of creating value. We assist our clients in developing the structure and discipline in the identification, evaluation and execution of acquisition transactions and to efficiently integrate the deals and capture value.

Due diligence:

Research indicates that ignorance of potential problems in an acquisition is one of the more common causes of failure in M&A. We can support you in your acquisition process and mitigate the risk of uncertain returns from your investment through our due diligence process that is fact based, inquisitive, and knowledge focused as well as system focused. Our due diligence will evaluate the business and revenue model and particular aspects unique to the company’s industry. We can help you to ensure that the price is right and the documentation and deal structure address and mitigate observed potential risks.

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Valuation Services

We provide unbiased opinions of value that are grounded in well-reasoned and supportable assumptions.

A professional appraisal requires the knowledge of the appraisal process, which includes understanding value theory and the proper application of accepted approaches, methods and procedures. While the conceptual principles are common, the manner in which these principles are applied varies greatly and are influenced by company size, purpose of valuation and other factors.

We ensure your valuation is prepared on a fundamentally sound basis with relevant research analysis and professional care.