tax services kuwait


Effective management of tax position

Tax services we provide

We provide a full range of tax services to:

  • Foreign companies towards meeting tax obligations under the Kuwait Income Tax Decree
  • Companies listed on Kuwait Stock Exchange for National Labour Support Tax services and Zakat services
  • Closed shareholding companies for Zakat services

Our tax services include:

  • Tax planning advice
  • Registration with tax department
  • Review of accounts and documents for determining tax exposures
  • Submission of tax declaration
  • Attending tax inspections
  • Follow up with tax authorities
  • Obtaining tax assessment and no objection letters for release of retention

Our unique tax services approach and capabilities in Kuwait:

  • Ensuring at the very outset all aspects of your business are clearly understood as well as their tax implications in Kuwait
  • Upfront advice relating to accounting and documentation issues that are likely to arise in the course of filing tax returns and the assessment process
  • Easy accessibility to Engagement Partner and Manager for ongoing advice on tax matters
  • Deep understanding of tax challenges that foreign companies doing business in Kuwait face
  • Clear knowledge of Kuwait Tax laws and departmental perspectives that enable us to address tax challenges successfully
  • More than 20 years of providing tax services in Kuwait that include several fair assessments meeting the expectations of clients