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Improving Corporate Governance and Business Performance
ERM, Risk

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management goes beyond compliance and avoidance of surprises. Its value lies in better business performance and more efficient use of capital. Robust information about the company’s risk exposures and their relative weights enable taking strategic decisions that maximize opportunities within the defined risk appetite. Risk exposures would include:

  • Operational risks that are concerned with people and processes
  • Financial risks such as liquidity, interest rates and foreign exchange
  • Technology risks relating to the security of information and systems
  • Strategic risks relating to organizational expansion, business direction, regulation, brand erosion
  • Hazard risks that are normally insurable such as product liability or property damage

We can guide and assist you in developing and implementing a risk management framework that will enable identifying, assessing, quantifying, treating and monitoring the above risks. 

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Across the world, there are increasing expectations from regulators, financiers, shareholders and other stakeholders on companies to establish and adhere to high corporate governance standards. A robust corporate governance framework will provide reassurance to key stakeholders.

At the same time, the benefits of good corporate governance go beyond meeting legal or statutory requirements and create the right environment in meeting organizational objectives. Good corporate governance leads to value creation through efficient and effective use of resources that is necessary to yield competitive returns.

We offer a range of corporate governance advisory services tailored to meet your specific needs. These include:

  • Framework Reviews: Comprehensive reviews of your governance framework and appropriateness and adequacy of policies and procedures
  • Board Effectiveness: We examine the effectiveness of your board’s functioning and compare it to best practices
  • Legislation and Guideline Compliance: We review the extent of your compliance with relevant legislation and guidelines

Based on our reviews and assessments made, we will identify gaps and work with you to develop solutions in line with best practice corporate governance processes.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit

We help organizations accomplish their strategic and business objectives by evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of internal controls, risk management and corporate governance processes.

Internal audit offers a clearer perspective on business risks and helps organizations to manage new challenges and enhance performance.

Internal audit adds value by providing independent assurance that key business risks are being appropriately managed and that risk management and the internal control framework are operating effectively.

We offer our clients a mix of internal audit and related services that are tailored to meet their individual requirements. Our services include:

  • Fully outsourced risk based internal audit services: We deliver assurance to the business that the risk management process is operating effectively.
  • Co-sourced internal audit services: We provide strategic direction and supplement the organization’s core internal team.
  • IT audit support: We provide IT audit specialists to support the organization’s internal audit team.
  • Audit advisory : We help establish an internal audit departments and provide advice to organizations to bring their audit methodology into line with latest professional standards.
  • External quality assurance reviews: We provide senior management with an assessment of the performance of the internal audit and  point out areas for improvement.
  • Training for internal auditors: We provide training to the organization’s internal team to perform audits in accordance with international standards.