Rabea Al Muhanna

Rabea Saad Al Muhanna  CA, CIDA

Managing Partner
Crowe Al Muhanna & Co.

Rabea is a Certified Accountant from Kuwait, and the Managing Partner of the firm. Since she joined the firm in 2004, she has greatly contributed to its growth and success since then. Currently she heads the firm and manages most of the key engagements. In addition to her knowledge and experience in the areas of accounting and audit, she is also well experienced in the area of Kuwait taxation of foreign companies and has successfully handled the tax matters in Kuwait of several multinational companies. She holds a degree in Commerce from the Kuwait University and is also a Certified Investments & Derivatives Auditor from Investment Training and Consulting Institute Inc. Prior to joining the firm, she was a Senior Expert for more than five years with the Expert Departments, Ministry of Justice, Kuwait, and has handled various commercial, tax and labour cases. She has worked with Burgan Bank, Kuwait as Officer in Private banking for three years