Information Technology

 Information Technology is a critical area in aiding management in decision making.

Crowe  Erastus & Co  hold specialized competencies to assist clients identify and tactically integrate effective Information Technology Systems in their daily operations in order to improve operational efficiencies, improve business analytics, increase sales and improve their business market exposure.

At Crowe  Erastus & Co our professionals use their technological knowledge whilst using proven technology roadmap to cultivate original, practical solutions that help address our clients’ most pressing challenges. At Crowe Erastus & Co , innovation is part of our culture – we have a history of applying new tools and technology to help streamline and effectively manage complex processes. Crowe  can help you to monitor their organization’s growth, performance and governance through our specialized services including,

  • Information Technology Audit
  • Project Management and Quality Assurance
  • Cyber Security & Resilience Business Transformation
  • Microsoft Dynamics Solutions implementation