Managing Partner of Crowe Erastus &Co Kenya, Erastus Kwaka Omolo, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Crowe Global.

 In a statement posted on the Global website, Erastus’s appointment for a two-year period will begin immediately.

 Crowe Global Chief executive David Mellor while sending out the statement on Erastus’s new role said his addition will help the company achieve its vision and core purpose.

 “The Board of Directors plays an essential role in guiding network strategy to achieve our vision and core purpose of being trusted advisers who care,” he said.

Mellor said the appointment of Erastus and Filipa Correia, International Liasion Partner (Italy) will provide an invaluable wealth of experience and local knowledge to support future growth.

 “During this time of unprecedented volatility, the board’s wealth of experience and local knowledge is invaluable to support sustainable future growth,” said Mellor.

 Erastus brings to the board two decades of vast experience in providing consultancy services for corporate and individual clients in the None-Profit-making sector.

 He will provide beyond par experience and technical expertise in matters relating to taxation through his work at Crowe Erastus, Kenya.

 Erastus holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Accounting from the University of Nairobi and an MBA in Strategic Management from Strathmore University.

 A Certified Public Accountant and a Fellow of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK), he has several recognitions which include Commendation Award for distinguished service to the Accounting Profession in Kenya and Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (CFIP).

 He also boasts of a wealth of knowledge on Tax legislation and strategic approaches to compliance with Kenyan Law and is a member of numerous community and professional organisations.

 Crowe Global, one of the largest accounting networks in the world, operates in 146 countries worldwide.