Audit Services  

Our Primary objective is to provide a comprehensive audit that caters to business needs.Our audit specialists are aligned to a broad range of industries to give us a better view of how businesses succeed in achieving their business goals.

Smart decision today lasting value tomorrow

Engage an audit firm that responds quickly with innovation and specialization

At Crowe COR LLP, we are committed to inspiring greater confidence and trust, with a comprehensive understanding of the businesses we audit and enhanced transparency through our audits. We recognize that stakeholders require greater assurance and value from the audit. They rely on our work and insights, as trusted professional advisors, who bring rigor and appropriate perspectives that help inform decision-making.

We provide consistent audits by assembling the right multidisciplinary teams to address the most complex issues, using a proven global audit methodology and deploying the latest, high-quality auditing tools and technologies. Our Global Audit Methodology, supported by CaseWare Technology, not only ensures we comply with all requirements of International Standards of Auditing; it also assists us to focus on all the client risks and how best to approach our audit to manage and mitigate those risks.  CaseWare also has an inbuilt tool for preparing financial statements that are IFRS compliant with up to date accounting standards which are uploaded annually. We can thus support you in ensuring your financial statements comply with IFRS.


Our audit process is fully automated and is cloud based hence having an efficient tool for monitoring, synchronizing and reviewing the audit on a real-time basis. With CaseWare IDEA, a big data analytics tool, we are able to analyze 100% of your data from any source, be it an excel spreadsheet or your ERP system, in a snap while guaranteeing its integrity.

Audit Services

  • Financial statement/other financial and non-financial information reporting
  • Business information process reporting
  • Regulatory compliance reporting
  • Framework for the Global Reporting Initiative/integrated reporting
  • Finance provider reporting
  • Implementation/IFRS application advisory services