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Crowe Erastus & Co. is an independent member firm of Crowe Global, the eighth largest global accounting network.
About us
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About us
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Since our registration in 1997, our reputation for quality professional assurance and support services has been key to our success. Crowe Erastus & Co. is an independent member of Crowe Global, the eighth largest global accounting network. Through membership of this network, Crowe Erastus & Co. has access to relevant expertise, services, software or equipment that we or our client may require.
We support our clients in Kenya, the East Africa region, Africa and worldwide to succeed in their businesses or enterprises by providing innovative solutions for “Smart Decisions” that deliver “Lasting Value”. Our expertise and technical support helps our clients in discharging their responsibilities of accountability and transparency in an effective and efficient manner that supports continuous improvement.

Crowe Erastus & Co. is a member of Crowe Global the 8th largest accounting network, and is a firm of professional accountants and consultants with a proven track record in supporting both Not for Profit and Commercial concerns, having initially established its name working with Non Profit Organizations and their donors. The firm long ago recognized that Non Profit Organizations have special needs and dedicated itself to providing specialist service to help meet these needs. Crowe Erastus works with many of the largest International Non-Government Organizations and funding agencies as well as large commercial companies and SMEs.
The name of Crowe Erastus & Co. and the Crowe brand is recognized by major international funders and donors and stands for quality and real expertise.

Company Overview
company overview

Since its establishment in 1997 (formal registration – 1998), Crowe Erastus & Co. has supported a wide range of international and local organizations working in Kenya and in other countries. The firm has been retained by funding agencies, institutional donors and other lending organizations to provide grant accountability audits, annual routine financial and institutional audits, management system audits and capacity building support. The firm also conducts forensic, management and internal audits in addition to the normal annual audits for all manner of organizations including SMEs.
Other mainline services include – Financial Accounting and Reporting, Taxation Services (VAT, Withholding tax, tax exemption applications & transfer pricing), Payroll and other Human Resource support, Mergers and Acquisition, Fund Management, Risk Management, Organization Capacity Assessments and Sustainability.
As a result of its many years of work with international NGOs and commercial companies, Crowe Erastus has a wealth of experience supporting ‘Global Mobility Services’. This expertise includes cost effective services to international staff and companies on personal and corporate taxation as well as work permit issues.
Crowe Erastus & Co. provides its expert services to organisations from different sectors including the Not for Profit, Public, SMEs, Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Hospitality and Service, Education, Health and Energy sectors.
Crowe Erastus & Co. has a wide data-base or pool of consultants that it can call upon that allows the firm to provide professional services to our clients in a diverse range of requirements.
The Crowe Erastus firm is dedicated to excellent and practical technical support to clients in discharging accountability and transparency responsibilities and to deliver cost effective and efficient services.