International Women's Day 2023

Accelarating Equality & Empowerment.

Jennifer Osoro

As we celebrate woman hood, we take pride in the milestones women have made over the years. From universal suffrage where women were given the right to vote to the right for women to own or inherit property. Women relentlessly continue to fight for equal social and economic rights until all women across the globe are liberated.

We must not lose sight of our role as women as we acknowledge that we are not in competition with men but rather complement one another. Our leadership styles are different. Whereas men lead by command, women lead by influence. We therefore have the power to influence outcome wherever we find ourselves. Women are also incubators and will therefore receive, multiple and give back. Give a woman a house and she will give you a home. When you empower a woman, you empower a community.

Women have found a voice by coming together to uplift one another through economic and social empowerment. In Kenya “Chamas” have played a major role in empowering women who would otherwise be considered less fortunate in society, to offer their families a better livelihood. The number of women in positions of influence has increased though more representation is desirable especially in Parliament if greater gains in affirmative policy in favor of women is to be experienced. Women are not asking to have more favor than the man, they are asking to be treated as the creator intended, equal yet different. Let us come together as women in the Crowe family to embrace equity.