Legal And Corporate Secretarial.

CROWE COR LLP’s team is well placed to provide your business or organization with legal solutions tailored to enhance local growth and expansion in the global economy.
Legal And Secretarial 

Secretarial Services

Our Secretarial Services’ team provides a full range of corporate secretarial services to ensure that your company or Organization is fully compliant with an ever increasing corporate statutory and regulatory compliance regime.

The secretarial services include but not limited to:

Board Matters:

·      Preparing and circulating the Agenda for each Board and Committee meeting in consultation with the Board and Management.

·      Convening and attending Board Meetings and advising on all matter’s incidental to the operation and functions of the Board in line with best practice, corporate governance guidelines, the company’s constitutive documents and statutory/regulatory requirements.

·      Taking Minutes of Board and Committee meetings and drafting resolutions and action plans (matters arising) for implementation and follow-through.

·      Maintenance of Directors’ and Secretaries registers.

Shareholders’ Matters:

·      Convening and attending Shareholder meetings in consultation with the Board and Management.

·      Taking Minutes of Shareholder meetings and drafting Resolutions for implementation.

·      Maintaining all registers required to be kept under the Companies Act, 2015 and all applicable laws and regulations.

·      Effecting transfer of shares as directed pursuant to the appropriate Resolutions.

·      Issuing of share certificates and payment of dividends.


·      Updating and Maintaining the Board, Board Committee and Shareholder Minute Books.

·      Filing all company returns in a timely manner.

·      Ensuring safe custody of corporate documents.

·      Effecting all corporate actions. 

·      Formation of a Company, Partnership, Business and Non-Governmental Organization and registration of foreign companies.

·      Provision of a registered office facility.

·       Provision of requisite Kenyan resident service of process agent 



The Legal and CS Advisory team provides transaction support services including but not limited to regulatory advice, legal audit, legal due diligence and transaction document preparation