Human Resource Consultancy

Crowe COR LLP provide your organization with professional HR Consultancy services to help you attract, inspire, motivate, manage and reward the right people within the organization.
HR Advisory 

Human Resource Services.

Our Human Resource consultancy services are designed to maximize investment in human capital whilst enabling you to focus on your core business. Crowe COR LLP provides an innovative approach to support organizations achieve their human capital objectives from talent acquisition, leadership and performance management. Our Human Resource professionals provide specialized solutions to enable organizations meet their Human resource objectives

Human Resource Services

·       Identity verification.

·       Education background.

·       Employment history.

·       Criminal history.

·       Licenses verification.

·       Recruitment.

·       HR department setup.

·       HR audit.

·       Employee law.

·       Employee contract.

·       Payroll

·       Performance evaluation

·       Salary survey

·       Employment history

·       Restructuring

·       HR policies