Mr Vijay Lutchmun, Crowe Infrastructure Africa

Vijay Lutchmun

Crowe Infrastructure Africa

Vijay Lutchmun is registered with ACCA, UK and holds qualifications with University of Cambridge and University of London. He has attained 30 years’ experience in accounting, audit and assurance services. Having joined Crowe ATA in Mauritius in 1989, he currently serves as the firm’s Audit Director and Ethics Leader and is inter alia in charge of the firm’s human resources department. Prior to joining Crowe ATA, he has worked in the textile, garment factories and construction industries.

He has been providing audit and assurance services to a broad range of clients in various business sectors including private equity funds, closed end funds, protected cell entities, asset management, manufacturing and shipping. He has been overseeing the audit and reporting process for private equity vehicles and closed end funds ranging from USD 1million to over USD 100million in net assets.

He is Crowe Infrastructure Africa’s primary point of contact in Mauritius and coordinates with the firm’s headquarters in the implementation of projects in Mauritius and the Southern Africa region and the deployment of local and regional experts in a variety of disciplines.