Bussiness Process Re-engineering

Business process Re-engineering (BPR) 

We at Crowe have taken it upon ourselves to work with our partners to achieve the highest possible efficiency of the business to raise the overall return on investment. We believed all along that these returns require many developments, whether in terms of vision, control, or operations... Hence we had to look forward to adding solutions that would help a partner move forward in these aspects.

Process reengineering is defined as fundamental rethinking, a radical redesign of management processes, to achieve fundamental improvements in critical performance measurement standards, such as cost, quality, service, and speed

This type of service needs a special distinction; This distinction is shaped by knowledge of the reality of business on the one hand and full knowledge of the best practices to accomplish different tasks on the other, this knowledge combines with the ability to measure the available possibilities and tools available to achieve a viable combination in line with the strategic orientation and general vision of stakeholders.


At Crowe, we believe in our ability to achieve these data in full detail, as we have been able to do so in terms of the magnitude of our experience in this field and the success stories we have achieved since 1994.

Reengineering processes will make many gains for enterprises of all kinds, sizes, or disciplines (industrial, commercial, service; large, small, medium, profitability, and non-profit. All these types can achieve many gains through the process of reengineering, these gains:

1.       Increase the efficiency of operations which means higher returns from these operations with the lowest cost and effort possible

2.       the rules of control over the areas of investment activity in all its joints

3.       Reduce costs by accounting for waste or diversion, good planning and tracking of operations

4.       Enhanced ability to assess performance and study the functional burden

5.       Identify weaknesses and thus focus on imbalances and enhance overall performance

6.       Increasing the efficiency of information collection and analysis

7.       Raising profitability within the facility, whether by retaining waste or enhancing the competitive process

These and other gains have made reengineering processes an option that we need to provide to our customers because of the significant returns we have seen.

Our process reengineering services:

1.       Re-examine the contact map of existing companies that suffer from confusion in the daily production process, and rebuild this map in line with the needs of change away from those confusions.

2.       Build the perfect contact map for established constructors.

3.       Creating documentary tools for procedures.

4.       Boot for iso certification.

5.       Support the application of software (ERP) through analysis and development processes.

6.       Providing analysis advisory services that help diagnose vulnerabilities and strengthen operations centers

7.        Managing and following up on cost calculation programs.

8.        Effective implementation of fiscal policies (as management) after evaluating them.

9.       Managing change within facilities and ensuring alternatives and preparing for risks

We study and analyze processes and then develop these processes to manage change within facilities, and we do so in four stages:

1.       Studying reality

2.       Describe reality as it is

3.       Issuing an upgraded guide to procedures

4.       Training staff on new procedures adopted

We are talking here about different kinds of consultations, which are very related to reality and study all its details and coexistence of the entire daily processes with the details of its people and documents with a great ability to read and analyze and identify places of weakness whatever the type of this reality and even in the more complex sections, and even develop it according to a scientific perspective whether this development is direct or through describing the reality to other parties and then working to implement the recommendations of these entities successfully ...

At Crowe, our keenness to provide comprehensive services that ensure that our customers achieve the greatest possible benefit from modern specialized management sciences that will drive the establishments - of all sizes and specialties - pushes them to grow and develop even under the exceptional circumstances that our region and the world are going through...