IT Solutions

Al Tillawi & Al-Khateeb Co., Certified Auditors has a unique advantage from other professional firms, in addition to the professional services provided by them, they are technology and business process consulting firm helping their clients to bridge the gap between business processes and the application of technology.

Certified Auditors internally developed IT software and full ERP system (SARHSOFT) serving the client’s needs in different industries such as shipping, trading, manufacturing, construction, not for profit and entertainment & hospitality.

The Implementation of SARHSOFT solution is more than just employing advanced technology; it’s a real partnership with competence team who has a deep understanding of client’s needs.

We appreciate the client expectations and needs that’s why we are focusing on:
  • Cost Reduction.
  • Fast Procession and dealing.
  • Operation efficiency.
  • Customers feedback.

SarhSoft IT Solutions includes:

  • SARHSOFT ERP Solutions.
  • General Accounting System.
  • Checks Management System.
  • Fixed Assets Depreciation System.
  • Human Resource Management System (HRM).
  • Stock Control System.
  • Sales & Commission Management System.
  • Purchasing Management System.
  • Production and Quality Management System.
  • Training Centers Management System.
  • Correspondence Management System (Diwan).
  • Shareholders Management System.
  • Trucking Management System.
  • SARH E-Audit System (E-Audit) Demo View  .


“SARH SOFT ERP Solution” helps decision Maker from small or mid enterprises see more clearly. Integration of data across the enterprise ensures that you have greater Visibility in all areas of your business, from daily operations to a strategic decision level.

General Accounting System

Deals with all types of accounting transactions on daily basis to provide management with financial reports about day-by day accounts status to ease the follow up and decision making process.
produces all types of financial reports (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly) according to Jordanian and international standards taking into account the reports needed by income and sales tax department.

Checks Management System

Taking into account all type of checks (Incoming, Outgoing, Return…etc) and does all the processes needed to handle these checks and reflects the results on the banks accounts directly and on time.
It will ease the management of credit and debit accounts and helping the management to deal with the clients on time.
produces special reports of customers checks (their numbers, banks name, etc) and ease the management of checks movements.

Stock Control System

Processes all types of material transactions (in, out, movement, return,etc) and deals with them on-line on daily basis to ease managing and controlling the stock across the warehouses of the company and stock in the boded stores, such as stock status, reorder stock level, stock cost prices calculations and its variations.
produces details and statistical reports which cover all stock processes daily and periodically.

Sales & Commission Management System:

Follows up all types of sales transactions (cash, due and return), controls the sold materials and analyzes the sales on time basis.
produces sales, materials, tax and commissions analysis reports.

Purchasing Management System

Deals with local and foreign purchasing and handles the follow up processes from the materials request preparation to the warehouse material receiving voucher.
conducts and follows up processes for the letters of credit and cost calculations to help the management taking the right decision on the right time.

Production and Quality Management System

Properly controls and follows up production process lines according to their standards formulas and insures the quality assurance level needed.
Facilitates the final product cost calculation taking into account the stages of the production process.
produces statistical and details reports on time basis and ease the end of the year stock sheet.

Depreciation Management System (Assets)

Calculates all the assets depreciations according to their rates taking into account the replacement parts value or added accessories value of the assets.
produces management reports and special report (pre-defined) for income and sales tax department.

Human Resource Management System

Follows up all types of transactions related to the employees (personal or financial) such as vacations, leaves, sick leaves, loans and employment agreement data.
calculates employees' income tax and social security on monthly basis and produces pay slips and reports easily and on time basis.

Shareholders Management System

Creates full database for shareholders and has the possibility of importing the data from Amman stock market information system.
creates full information about the company included (name, capital, shares number, share book value, issue allowance, founders name, shares booked by founders, shares for general booking and the percentage of booking) manages general booking process from A-Z. 

Correspondence Management System (DIWAN)

Process all types of transactions (in and out correspondence letters), with auto numbering according to approved numbering structure. Let's accessing the information easily and timely and produces details and statistical reports (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly).

Training Centers Management System

The system deals with all transactions related to training schedules and programs and manages  the  financial and administration need, so all types of reporting results can be easily produced as required on time (multi user with total control through privileges parameter), Identify courses and sub courses, storing full information for lectures and courses they conduct manages, in-house and out-doors class rooms and their capacities, books sales and full store control, following up fees and payments collections , open account for every student and follow up the account.

SARH E-Audit

Is a comprehensive, highly configurable, powerful and easy to use Audit Management System. key functions in SARH E-Audit system allowing you to increase team productivity and efficiency
deal with audit plan, client audit file and financial auditing from trial balance.