plan d'actions

CSR action plan

What do we suggest?

 1 - An effective tool to pilot your CSR approach    

With our solution Ozact, Sustainable Metrics is offering you a one-way ticket to sustainable performance.

Regardless of your CSR level of maturity and the tools that you currently use, the Ozact platform allows you to combine what we see as the 3 cornerstones for effective change:

  • Giving every actor of change a role to play 
  • Paving the way for global performance
  • Creating a new dynamic inside the organisation 

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 2 - A guidance approach  

To get from the elaboration of the CSR action plan to its deployment, the animation teams are likely to go through several steps. (autonomous or guided by Sustainable Metrics).

Step 1 : Creation of a work team

We usually work on this type of mission with a work team gathering operational participants from different sites or firms and representatives of cross-functional positions such as finance, purchasings, HR... Sharing information and views between participants of different backgrounds is essential to the creation of value in the action process. 

Step 2 : Identifying potential actions
  • Diagnosis : From a general picture of the current state, we suggest to go through and assess the existing initiatives implemented by your company and to identify new potential approaches.
  • Experiment : In order to assess the identified initiatives, we establish a data collection allowing us to estimate the potential and the relevance of such actions. To be relevant for your business, an action needs to be both easy to establish and rapidly operational and effective.
Step 3 : Selecting the best actions for your strategy

The implementation of your action plan requires the following steps:

  • Prioritize actions according to different criteria
  • Select the most relevant actions
  • Chose the action plan format
Step 4 : Approval and restitution of the operational action plan

The complete potential of your action plan is to be quantifyied, alonside the associated costs and gains. We suggest to carry out an executive summary and to make your requests to the manager's office.