Internal control risk management

Internal control/Risk management

Improving business performance while at the same time controlling operational and financial risk is one of the major challenges that your business is likely to face today.

RSA can assist you in this, providing support through its experienced operational teams whose various skills will enable you to handle effectively the issues involved in risk management.
Our Service Offer
Our Approach to Projects
Our Service Offer
  • Identification and long-term control of the risks associated with your business sector and your business. RSA helps you identify the financial risks of your business and implement strategies designed to control them. We can train your staff and empower them to be pro-active in risk identification and control. If required, we can support you on an ongoing basis, to ensure that your  financial risks are monitored and controlled in the long term.
  • Improving your internal control in a dynamic and sustainable manner. RSA and our network have extensive experience in the design of internal control. We are well placed to provide advice and to support you in assessing your internal control, to suggest areas for improvement and consolidation that are suited to your size and structure.
  • Setting up, optimising and enhancing the accuracy of your internal audit. Recent economic developments have given and will continue to put the responsibility for internal audits onto your company’s general management. To turn this new function into a real source of improvement and progress for your company, you can make it effective and operational by using the services of our specialist internal audit teams. They will be able to set up a function to suit your business.
  • Testing and protecting the security and performance of your information system. Turn the dependence on information system to your advantage: our teams of IT specialists can assess the quality of your computer applications and advise you on developing your information systems and setting up integrated databases, thus helping you to move forward whilst at the same time securing data flow and data processing.
  • Bringing you into compliance with legislation and regulations relating to internal control. Legislation and regulations continue to proliferate. Are you aware of your compliance obligations relating to internal control? Our teams can help your business to clearly understand and meet on an ongoing basis the regulatory requirements concerning financial security.
  • Establishing a high quality business governance framework within your company. Demonstrating that the governance of your business is based on transparent and fair management principles, that it acts in the interests of the organisation and not the interests of a few individuals: RSA helps you to achieve these objectives by establishing an evaluation of the governance of your business, a schedule of recommendations and a follow-up process to monitor their implementation by the directors and management boards of your business.
  • Preventing and detecting fraud within your business. RSA is well equipped with the tools and techniques to detect and prevent fraud, and offers you the benefits of its expertise in this area to help you reinforce your fraud prevention system. Backed by our national and international network and our extensive and varied experience, we can offer you the benefit of our specific services adapted to your business sector and your particular needs.
Our Approach to Projects

Examples of Past Projects

Assistance in improving internal control: a six month assignment in the car components sector, aiming to:

  • Evaluate the quality of the internal control system and particularly to identify its shortcomings;
  • Put forward recommendations aimed at correcting the shortcomings of the internal control system;
  • Implement the recommendations: introduce new automated, manual, preventative and corrective controls; draft procedures setting out the two-step processes for physical and financial flows;
  • Monitor over a period of time the evolution of internal control system: implementation and monitoring of the new checks.

Assisting an internal audit department to raise awareness of internal control, in an international industrial environment (petrochemicals):

  • Designing learning support materials on dealing with internal control issues for management staff training;
  • Residential training for the company’s management staff.

Assisting the internal audit department of an insurance firm to draw up financial procedures:

  •  Covering all financial cycles;
  • Drafting up the procedures applied within the business in monitoring and accounting for physical and financial flows; identifying internal controls;
  • Putting forward a schedule of recommendations designed to cover the areas where there were shortcomings in the internal control system.

Bringing a company into compliance with the laws on internal control; Sarbanes Oxley – aeronautical company; LSF – banking sector: assignments of several months, carried out in phases:

  • Phase 1: Assess the internal control system;
  • Phase 2: Put forward points for improvement of the internal control system;
  • Phase 3: Assist the business in implementing the points for improvement of the internal control system;
  • Phase 4: Reassess the internal control system with subsequent annual monitoring of the quality of the internal control, following phases 1-3 if necessary.

Governance audit; professional sports association:

  • Conducting multifaceted interviews aimed at collecting internal information about the quality of governance;
  • Summarising the interviews; identifying proposal points aiming to cover the areas of shortcomings of the association’s governance.