Employment law and payroll management

Employment Law and Payroll Management

In the face of complex and constantly changing regulations, having access to professional advice ensures the optimisation and security of your personnel management.

No matter how large or small the workforce, personnel management is a completely separate subject that directors rarely delegate. In France, the regulations surrounding employment law are strict, complex, and constantly changing. Personnel management is extremely demanding, both in terms of resources and in terms of training and availability of the personnel department.

Over and above its highly technical aspect and the need to comply with legal constraints, personnel management is also a key area and a very delicate subject for businesses. Any errors, inaccuracies or delays in pay or employee entitlements can incur a high cost, whether financial or in terms of corporate image, or even criminal, in the eyes of the authorities and your staff.

RSA has a team of highly qualified professionals and a scalable service offer, to provide you with support.

Our Employment Law department can:

Comply with employment legislation
Plan and organise each stage in the labour relations process to set the boss’s mind at ease
Serve the interests of the business: efficiencies / reduction or avoidance of social costs
Comply with employment legislation
Plan and organise each stage in the labour relations process to set the boss’s mind at ease
Serve the interests of the business: efficiencies / reduction or avoidance of social costs

Our Service Offer

To provide our clients with support matched to their needs and leave them free to focus on their core business activity, Rsa has structured its Employment Law office along four axes:
Payroll management

Generating, ensuring reliability, meeting deadlines and complying with regulations

The “Payroll” department, made up of specialists and practitioners, enables businesses to outsource all or part of this function to our practice. Our objective is to take administrative tasks away from the entrepreneur, with total safety, enabling him to optimise his costs and his personnel management.

Should the business wish to refocus on its core activity, or be experiencing difficulty in acquiring the necessary skills to manage payroll, our staff, highly experienced and fully trained in the latest techniques, can provide support in the management of various payroll-related issues:

  • Registering the business and its employees with the social security organisations
  • Managing and producing payslips
  • Preparing monthly, quarterly and annual returns (managing TDS/transmission of social security data)
  • On-line returns – DSN (payroll reporting), DADS (declaration of social security data), DUCS-EDI (unified declaration for social security contributions via the electronic data interchange)
  • Support in the event of an investigation by the social security organisations
  • Setting up management charts, calculating staff numbers, pension obligations
  • Managing the records of expatriates living in France
Outsourcing and insourcing

Having recourse to different organisational systems

The flexibility of our working methods means we can offer different modes of taking care of payroll processing:

  • Partial or total outsourcing
  • Making resources available on a part-time basis to manage payroll processing on your premises
  • Mobilising resources for a one-off exercise: transferring historical data, catching up on a delay in processing, supporting your in-house staff
Advice on employment law

Supporting the head of the business on a day-to-day basis

For dealing with day-to-day personnel management, Rsa offers an Employment Law support service designed to:

Safely manage individual employee relations, from recruitment through to termination of the employment contract:

Employment contracts, labour relations administration, disciplinary procedures, termination of employment, physical incapacity of an employee.

Optimising individual employee relations in the interests of the business:

Setting working hours, employee savings schemes, employment incentives, employment status of the director.

Ensuring predictive employment risk management:

Anticipating criminal risk, taking preventative action, identifying and resolving harassment situations.

Optimising employee relations within your company:

Liaising with staff representation boards, setting up boards.

Supporting change within the business:

Workforce consequences of business expansion, the workforce impact of business restructuring.

A dedicated service for groups of companies:

Setting up a business in France: employee rights, managing inter-group mobility.

Employment law audits

Formulating a diagnosis of an existing or future situation

To assist you in undertaking a review of the internal practices in personnel management, RSA offers an employment law audit involving a range of methods and techniques that will enable you to:

  • Measure deviations from benchmarks in terms of standards, legislation, regulations and/or agreements,
  • Deliver a substantiated and independent analysis of the company’s workforce management, taking into account its objectives and business environment,
  • Identify risks and their financial and social consequences for the business;
  • Anticipate change (mergers-acquisitions, reorganisation, social feasibility of investment, (re)negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, etc.),
  • Understand a specific labour relations issue (workplace conflict, deteriorating relationships, resignations etc.), in order to learn what corrective actions that can be taken in future and/or prevent the recurrence of conflict situations.

Our Approach to Projects

A high quality solution adapted to the size of the business

  • We specialise in SMEs and mid-sized businesses and we have made a commitment to providing high quality services, bespoke, tailored to our clients’ requirements and business environment, and never a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • We guarantee to meet deadlines and produce accurate information, delivered by a dedicated team with solid experience of payroll management in an environment where multiple agreements are in operation.

Understanding and complying with current employment law legislation

  • Our teams enjoy the benefits of a high level of current technical skills, always kept up to date through a solid training programme and access to reference materials and employment law news updates
  • Guaranteed compliance and a reduction in the risk of prosecution
  • Support from a consultant / legal specialist to resolve your employee rights issues.

An organisation committed to ongoing personalised liaison

  • Your own payroll manager, who is your regular, dedicated point of contact in monitoring your affairs on a day to day basis.
  • A team always on hand to answer your questions and ensure continuity.
  • A supervisory team with an active involvement in the assignment.

Specialised and highly effective management tools for payroll and documentation