Support and outsourcing

Support and Outsourcing

Providing rapid solutions relevant to your resource or skills requirements

The success of support and outsourcing projects hinges on the ability to understand the context and the objectives and to supply a solution, often within a very short time-scale, in line with the resource specification. Using this approach, staff can be briefed and given responsibility for the content and objectives of the project, guaranteeing their total commitment.

A flexible and scalable organisation

Every client’s needs are unique and require a personalised, scalable solution: where the services are to be provided, the scope of the team, the nature and level of expertise, the type of reporting etc.

Our Service Offer

Responding to an emergency

Supporting in-house teams

You may be facing a lack of the resources you need to meet deadlines or production volumes, to rectify anomalies or errors, or to catch up on production delays.

We undertake to set up, within a short time-scale, an operational team able to work with your tools and your systems, and flexible and scalable in line with your needs.

Replacing a member of staff.

You may need to manage a transitional period between two members of staff or two organisations.

We have the ability to find a person with the right profile, matching your requirements and able to slot into your organisation quickly, with the technical and interpersonal qualities necessary to make a success of this type of assignment.

Support during a transitional phase

Providing technical skills in a specific area

You may be in need of a particular technical skill that you do not have in your in-house teams. We can supply a member of staff with a high level of competence in the skill you need, who can work as part of your team either at your premises or from our offices

Project management support

You may be setting up a CSP or migrating to a new IT tool, rolling out a new system or reorganising your processes

These are all situations where we can provide you with either project management support, or production support to replace the staff working on the project

Managing a period of transition or reorganisation

You may be incorporating a new business activity or a new business, or reorganising your departments. We can set up a temporary team that brings together the required skills, and adjust its scope as your needs evolve

Matching your chosen organisational model

Full or partial outsourcing

Our service provision can be ongoing in response to a strategic organisational choice; we will establish how much you wish to delegate, up to complete outsourcing where we take full charge of your production and your processes. We set up the team together, decide its remit, and agree the desired level of reporting. You benefit from a dedicated, highly-skilled, target-and-results driven team and the flexibility of a service that can be scaled in line with your evolving needs.

Our Approach to Projects

Our approach to assignments is founded on:

A dedicated team, speedily operational

  • Our staff benefit from ongoing training that keeps them abreast of changes in regulations and techniques, and work using best practice
  • Professionals with a mix of technical, management and interpersonal skills
  • The ability to swiftly integrate into your in-house teams and familiarise themselves with your tools and systems
  • A target-and-results driven team, guaranteeing total commitment to the successful completion of the assignment

Controlled and flexible project management

  • We can act within tight deadlines to provide you with a structure adapted to your needs and scalable in scope, location and staff profiles
  • Our assignments are supervised and each is led by an associate who is closely involved in the smooth running of the project and who guarantees the quality of service
  • Our staff have full support from the practice’s in-house experts (taxation, employment law, standards etc.), as and when required

Ongoing liaison

  • The associate in charge of the assignment undertakes to maintain regular liaison
  • Customised reporting will ensure you have a clear picture of the progression of the assignment