VAT registration and recovery in Czech Republic

VAT registration and recovery in Czech Republic

VAT registration and recovery in Czech Republic

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VAT registration in Czech Republic

Any entity wishing to become an active VAT taxpayer in the Czech Republic must pass the VAT registration process. Entities may apply for VAT registration on a voluntary basis, and once the registration process is completed, the office has 30 days to issue a decision. However, there are situations in which a foreign entity with neither a registered office nor a branch in the Czech Republic must compulsorily register for VAT.

Among others, entities that have sold goods to the Czech Republic or provided services in the Czech Republic, as well as entities sending goods to the Czech Republic, whose turnover exceeded CZK 1,140,000 within 12 consecutive months, are subject to VAT registration. The VAT registration procedure itself consists in filling in a relevant application, enclosing the required documents and sending this set electronically to the Czech Tax Office.

VAT registration in Czech Republic – how can we help

Regardless of the type of VAT registration, we offer support with the process. We are experienced in the process of obtaining a Czech VAT registration number for foreign entities. We will assist you in the preparation of the necessary documents to speed up the registration process and the receipt of the official decision.

Moreover, we are aware that the quality and correctness of the prepared and submitted documents have a direct impact on the issuance of the VAT number. Therefore, we always act on the basis of a power of attorney so that you do not have to deal with the local authorities yourself. As your partner, we will ensure compliance with local regulations and prepare and submit all required VAT forms. We will ensure that the entire procedure runs quickly and safely.

VAT recovery in Czech Republic

Foreign operators who are not active VAT taxpayers in the Czech Republic may apply for a refund of VAT from the Czech Republic in connection with costs relating to their activities. The Czech VAT refund application may relate to a quarter or a whole year.

The deadline for filing a Czech VAT refund application is by ninth months after the end of the calendar year to which the application relates. It is also worth mentioning that the basic rate of VAT in the Czech Republic is 21%.

VAT recovery in Czech Republic – how can we help

We offer foreign business entities that have paid Czech VAT to assist in its recovery. We will help you check whether you are entitled to claim a VAT refund in the Czech Republic. In addition, we also offer support to operators who have paid VAT in another EU Member State, are registered as VAT taxpayers in the Czech Republic but are not sure whether they can claim a refund of this tax.

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