Accounting services

Regardless of whether you're just starting out or doing business for years, we'll tailor the accounting services to suit your needs.

Accounting services


Accounting outsourcing Czech Republic

Nowadays, accounting is becoming more and more challenging area of business operations and because of that many companies are looking for a competent and reliable outsourcing partner. Crowe Czech Republic, in response to these needs, offers comprehensive accounting outsourcing services, both one-off and continuous, tailored to clients` requirements and delivered to companies operating in all branches of industry, whether on the domestic or international market.  

By entrusting accounting and administration operations to Crowe Czech Republic, a company gains extensive support of financial and accounting processes. Our experienced team of experts deliver, under accounting outsourcing, the services which can help entrepreneurs achieve better results with lower financial outlays. We have been offering outsourced services for many, many years, and we have acquired vast knowledge, qualifications and skills which we are happy to share with our clients.

Outsourcing of accounting - scope of services offered

One-off accounting services include:

  • Review of accounting data and identification of inconsistencies with Czech accounting standards;
  • Preparation of Czech statutory financial statements and notes;
  • Data implementation, revision of accounting methods, and setting of the accounting system.

Daily accounting services include:

  • Complex bookkeeping in our own accounting software Abra, including keeping of accounting books and supporting records;
  • Supporting of your accountancy in SAP and IFS;
  • Issuing of accounting documents in Abra;
  • Entering payments into the client's electronic banking;
  • Calculation of travel orders to employees;
  • Administration of the client´s databox (datová schránka);
  • Communication with the client in Czech and English language.

Monthly accounting services include:

  • Preparation of records for Value Added Tax including preparation of returns;
  • Monthly management reporting as required by the client.

Annual accounting services include:

  • Processing of year-end closing operations in the legal scope;
  • Preparation of documents for income tax return including obligatory attachments;
  • Preparation of the financial statements and notes to the financial statements in the legal scope in Czech and English versions;
  • Publication of financial statements in the Commercial register;
  • Processing of IFRS adjustments based on client's needs.

Additional accounting services include:

  • Processing of statistics reports within the legal scope, processing of CNB statistics within legal scope;
  • Processing of special reports according to client's needs;
  • Cooperation with external and internal auditors in case of audit of the financial statements;
  • Preparing and submitting requests for various Covid grants i.e. Uncovered costs programmes, etc.;
  • Preparing of business plans, cash flow forecasts, simulations of financial statements based on business plans;
  • Advisory regarding improving company's working capital;
  • Accounting consultations according to client's requirements, e.g. compilation of internal directives according to legal standards, etc.



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