Tax representative in the Czech republic

Certified Tax Representative

A certified tax representative is a person who provides professional tax advice to the public. It is a person, natural or legal, who is registered in the Chamber of Tax Representatives. Tax representatives not only pass a professional exam when they enter the profession but also continue to educate themselves on legislative changes, not only at the domestic level but also at the international level, which, especially in the field of taxation, has experienced turbulent changes in recent years due to globalization, so that they can provide advice that will optimize your business in accordance with the law.


The advantages of being represented by a tax representative include, among other things, their expertise, confidentiality, the possibility of extending the deadline for filing income tax returns, or the legally obligatory professional insurance in case of errors caused by the tax advisor.


Our tax representatives can provide you with comprehensive services in the field of direct and indirect taxes. The advantage of our tax representatives is their broad field of focus, therefore they can provide you with advice explaining the impact of each type of tax at the same time.


These tax advisory services inter-alia include:

  • comprehensive representation of clients in tax matters;
  • registration for individual taxes;
  • tax return preparation and submission;
  • representation during tax inspection;
  • preparation and submission of an application for tax domicile;
  • preparation of binding assessments.

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