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Internal audit services in the Czech Republic

What internal audit includes

An internal audit performed by external entities includes independent, objective verification and consulting activities aimed at improving and streamlining the organization's operational processes. An internal audit was created in response to risks within the organization. Our audit services focus on identifying and managing key risk areas.

In the age of large corporate companies, the role and scope of internal audit is more extensive than ever and covers all important processes in the organization. Globalization has significantly contributed to the fact that company owners have no control over their companies and leave this control to local management, which may have goals other than owners thousands of kilometers away. Especially multinational companies have recently started to set up their own internal audit department, which helps company owners to have internal control and see under the cover of their foreign investment. The internal audit department very often cooperates with external audit entities due to their objectivity and independence.

Internal audit – professional support

Crowe's team of experts provides internal audit services in the area of:

Setting up and diagnosing internal audit

In providing this service, we aim to streamline and improve internal processes in the company. The services provided are always tailored to the client's needs. When performing an internal audit, we focus on:

  • Identification of risk areas in the company's internal processes;
  • Setting checkpoints of internal processes;
  • Improving the internal audit function and preparing changes to internal processes.

Internal audit outsourcing

In case the client doesn´t have a local internal audit department or if he needs to add an audit team, we are able to provide our experts who will perform the internal audit according to the requirements of the group internal auditor or company management. Internal audit outsourcing is provided in the form of:

  • Independent performance of the internal audit including the preparation of the final report of the internal audit;
  • Complementing the company's internal audit team with our experts;
  • Participation in SOX audits (Sarbanes-Oxley), and others.

We did not draw on our experience only as external and internal auditors. Some Crowe experts are former financial managers of multinational corporations with years of experience in setting up internal processes. Properly setting up internal processes to prevent fraud inside the company and streamline day-to-day operations is the key to your company's success.

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