Employee 4.0

We care about companies stability and employee satisfaction. 


Employee 4.0

Do you suffer from staff turnover?

Do you want to increase the work efficiency?

Do you suppose that there is a more appropriate structure of employee remuneration for your business?

Do you want to stabilize your company?


We have created the Employee 4.0 project for you!

We combine our longtime experience with the experience of our business partners. Together we created the Employee 4.0 program.

We will analyze your present remuneration system and create an effective and tax-optimized plan tailored to your company, corporate goals, strategy. You will be able to offer your employees the benefits they will really appreciate with the minimum cost burden for you. 

Focus on your core business, leave the rest to us.

We take care of you from A to Z. We think about your business comprehensively and offer you our services throughout the entire business chain.


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Andrea Kleinov√°
Andrea Kleinová
Certified Tax Advisor

Ivana Brancuzka
Ivana Brancuzká
Country Manager
Eva PeŇ°ková
HR Manager
Contract Administration