The deadline for applying for a refund of tax paid in another Member State is approaching 

Jiří Šindelář, Tax Manager Crowe 
We would like to inform you about upcoming deadline for applying for a refund of VAT paid in another member States of the European Union. This application can only be submitted electronically through the Tax Portal of the Financial Administration by September 30 at the latest.

Please note that this deadline for submitting the application cannot be extended. In case the VAT payer misses this deadline, the right to a VAT refund expires.

Therefore, in case your company has purchased good or services in another Member State and has been subjected to the local tax, it is necessary to prepare these documents as a matter of urgency. After submitting the application for a tax refund, very often the tax administrator begins to verify whether the claimed amount is legitimate or not. It is therefore appropriate to have additional evidence to confirm the right for a refund.

Our company has extensive experience with preparing VAT refunds so if you need help with the agenda, do not hesitate to contact us.

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