Logbook, Day 2, April 28, 2019

Petra Štogrová Jedličková
Take it easy!

Last week's Crowe EMEA conference was held in Warsaw, with partners from not only member countries, but also the EMEA managing partner Bernard Delomenie, and the global Crowe CEO David Mellor.

The development of the Crowe network de facto follows the macroeconomic trend known in recent years, i.e. the rocket growth of Asia and the double-digit growth of the EMEA region, stable growth in the rest of the world. Also, the topics of the conference corresponded to what, in my opinion, is now the topic of business development, that is, the sense and direction of leadership, the motivation of people in teams and cyber security.

I write this blog on a sailing sailboat, after the first day of the route. I planned quite a modest goal for the first day, also with regard to the storm that plagued the north of the Adriatic and with which I certainly did not want to come across.  We landed in a heavy wind at the planned marina, but the trajectory I got into it was not the one I drew the day ahead to MK-13 map as a mathematically ideal route.  Yes, the goal was achieved, but we had to correct the course by gust wind, cruising, and the main sail problem. We did not drive properly because the crew is going on well-being and not on performance, after all a hard drill could cause an accident and it is not even desirable to tear world records on the first day.

Leadership must navigate in a meaningful way towards a good goal, see beyond the horizon, have a vision, but even if he clearly plans direction and goal, he must be able to correct, avoid storm, nurture, respect and not threaten the crew and keep the deck cool. The company management, which measures the performance month by month, quarter by quarter, is like a ship captain who navigates mathematically precisely, but de facto blindly and regardless of crew.

I wish you a happy crew on board and a good wind to sail!