Summary of major changes and benefits

Ivana Brancuzká

eNeschopenka will simplify the administrative burden by reducing the number of parts from 5 to 3. Furthermore, the flow of information will be substantially simplified as it will bring together three entities, a doctor, an employer and the ČSSZ. 

For the attending physician, this will bring the possibility to retrieve and use data from the register of insured and employers kept by the ČSSZ. The doctor will not enter the data, but only after entering the birth identification number (EČP) and loading the data into the form confirms the data and sends the form electronically to the OSSZ.

The insured person will no longer hand over the documents to the employer; he or she will receive wage and sickness compensation without an application based on electronically sent reports on the origin, duration and termination of the DPN. He will continue to remain in paper form only the ID card of the incapable insured, who represents II. part of RDPN.  

The employer will no longer accept documents from the insured person but will be able to access on-line information about the temporary incapacity for work of their employees within the eNeschopenka.  

In the event of a technical failure of electricity, internet, information system doctor or ČSSZ in accordance with the law, if the doctor sends some of the reports in paper form (§ 61 paragraph. 3 and 5 ZNP) or employer if exposed attachment to the application in paper form for the above reasons.      

For this purpose, the new paper forms for doctors and employers will be distributed in the same way as before. Doctors (employers) shall state on the forms the reason for their issue in writing. 


Solutions for employers

1. Services on the ČSSZ ePortal             

No part of the decision on temporary incapacity for work will be issued to employers. The insured person will continue to be obliged to inform his / her employer of his / her temporary incapacity for work immediately (e.g. by telephone, e-mail). 

The employer will have available by logging onto ePortal ČSSZ services that will provide him with detailed information on temporary incapacity for each employee - " Information DPN employee " and a comprehensive overview of the work of incompetent staff - "Overview of DPN employees".   

The “Employee DPN Information” servicewill allow the employer to display a list of temporary incapacity for work for a specific employee for the period in which he/she was registered with the given employer, after a maximum of 3 years retroactively. The output can be saved as a PDF file signed with an electronic seal.

The Employee DPN Overview ” servicewill allow the employer to display an overview of all DPN employees for a specified payroll office (using variable symbol assigned by the ČSSZ ) that have been created, lasted or ended in the specified time interval over the past 3 years.  

The ČSSZ ePortal services can be accessed either by means of a data box system or by any means within the National Identity Authority, currently eOP or Name, Password, SMS.


2. Service "Data on employers about temporary incapacity for work" via VREP channel (APEP)             

A new Query-Response Service “Data for Employers on Temporary Incapacity for Work” (DZDPN) will be set up and will operate via the VREP channel (APEP), which is currently used to receive electronic submissions from employers. 

This service will allow you to automatically and automatically download information about temporary incapacity for work to employees.

The use of this service will require employers to obtain a commercial certificate.


3. Notifications             

The employer can be informed of the occurrence, duration, termination and other changes in the temporary incapacity of his employees through notifications sent from the ČSSZ system either to the data box or to the employer's designated e-mail.

  • Notifications sent to the data box will contain specific data about the employee and his / her temporary incapacity to work in the form of a PDF file and an xml file for possible automated processing.
  • Notifications sent to the inbox will only contain a general notice that new information is available to employers through the ePortal services.         

After processing electronic or written submissions in ČSSZ systems, verified notifications will be sent to the employer's data box in the following situations:  

  • DPN report,         
  • confirmation of the duration of the DPN,         
  • DPN termination report.         

These notifications will contain the complete data that the employer needs for its purposes (employee identification including RČP or EČP, DPN decision number, issuing physician information, employer's name and variable symbol, type of activity, date of commencement / duration / termination of DPN; The DPN also includes data on the scope and duration of permitted walks and the place of residence at the time of the DPN and possible suspicions of an accident at work, etc.). 

4. Application for notification             

The employer can submit an application for notifications via the ČSSZ ePortal. Notifications of the occurrence, duration and termination of the employee's temporary incapacity for work will then be sent to the designated data boxes and / or to the specified e-mail addresses provided by the employer in his application.

Application for notification will be possible from December 2019.


5. Authorization of ePortal Services             

The employer may also authorize an employee or other natural or legal person to use the ePortal services. It can do so with the help of interactive ePortal forms (Employer's Notice on Authorization of Employees for ČSSZ eServices).


In the next issue, you will learn the Procedures for each DPN situation. 


Ivana Brancuzka
Ivana Brancuzká
Country Manager