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"None of us are as smart as we are all together"

Barbora Veselá
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At least that is what the famous Japanese proverb says. And we have no choice but to agree! For over 20 years, we have been one of the established consulting, tax and auditing companies on the Czech market. Crowe Global is the 8th largest network of accounting advisors in the world. We draw on local and international cooperation and experience, forming important strategic partnerships. How does this happen in practice? E.g. we participated in the EMEA conference of Crowe partners in Warsaw or we discussed important issues of Czech business with our partners at another regional meeting of Diamonds of Czech Business.


Lipno full of Diamonds
On Thursday 11 April, another regional meeting of entrepreneurs took place as part of the Diamonds of Czech Business project, this time in the impressive location of the Lipno Dam. One of the main topics discussed by the participating companies is the situation on the labor market in Czech Republic. Of course, the matter of finding, maintaining and motivating talents is a topic we perceive as a big issue for our clients and which we also feel internally in our company. In order to help our clients to solve these troubles, we have combined our experience in payroll, tax and legal areas, and we are introducing our new product Zaměstnanec 4.0 (Employee 4.0), which you can learn more about here.


Crowe EMEA Regional partners´ meeting
In days 24 – 26 April our parent company hosted Crowe EMEA Regional partners´ meeting in Warsaw. In addition to internal topics which were, of course, main points of the program, this event was an opportunity for many meetings of our foreign colleagues with existing and potential clients and also the opportunity to share with colleagues experience about the difficult situation on the labor market, which is not only a problem of the Czech Republic, but also of other European countries, or to discuss current issues such as the threat of cybercrime.


Barbora Vesela
Barbora Veselá
Crowe news editor