Optimism replaced by caution

Petra Štogrová Jedličková

The beginning of the year always calls for the reassessment of the previous period and predictions of what is waiting for us.

All economic outlooks are broadly consistent with the fact that there are a number of potential threats that could trigger a more severe crisis. It is not said that the threats are really coming, rather they are a kind of alert and call for more caution.

Speaking about the volatile commodity prices, a weakening of real estate prices, the uncertainty of the development of the Czech crown exchange rate, the unpredictable returns on bond investment, the negative effects of populism and Europe's political volatility, or the warning signals of nature (associated with new epidemics, pollution and global warming), the best and reasonable reaction could be caution and prevention, not overdone preparation for the worst.

Indeed, this corresponds to the sign of the new Chinese year, which will be the symbol of the earth pig from 5 February. Pig is a positive sign, symbolizing prosperity. But let’s be careful! The aspect of the earth is just the mentioned caution, the thought-out steps, investments and decisions we make.

I wish all of us, let's “live high on the pig” all this year.