Employment Services

Employment Services

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Human Capital Services:

  • Recruitment and administration services
  • Obtaining employee residence and work permits
  • Employee taxes and social insurance advisory and compliance services
  • Share incentives advisory and remuneration planning
  • Setting up and administration of Cyprus provident (pension) funds
  • Dealing with labour law issues
  • Dealing with issues arising in more than one country

Expatriate Services:

  • Expatriate tax planning & compliance
  • Social insurance, health care & housing services
  • Dealing with issues arising in Cyprus and abroad
  • Cyprus trust and estate issues, advisory

Payroll Services:

  • Calculation of monthly payrolls
  • Production of payroll reports & payslips
  • Production of monthly management and government reports
  • Production of year-end compliance reports
  • Payment services for monthly tax (PAYE) and social insurance contributions

Payroll Taxes & Social Insurance:

  • Advice for employers and employees
  • Registration of employer and employees with the inland revenue and social insurance departments
  • Remuneration, incentives and benefits in kind advisory
  • Assistance with investigations