Enterprice Risk Services

Enterprice Risk Services

What we offer

In today’s business environment, organisations are constantly faced with new and increasingly complex set of risks. No matter what business environment you are in, or how big the size of your industry is, there are always risks that you are exposed to. As a result, stakeholders have increased their expectations of the organisation’s risk management, and constantly scrutinise each and every possible threat that has arisen. If risks, even small ones, aren’t addressed and dealt with in time, they could have major consequences.

The enterprise risk services that we have developed at Crowe Bulgaria are designed to give you insight on common risk identification, help you analyse the identified risk, and then assist you in finding the correct ways for managing that risk. We strive to increase your risk-identifying ability, strengthen the governance of your business and improve your decision-making process. We believe that it is essential to not only help you tackle the risks currently associated with your company, but also help you build a well-structured framework for implementing successful risk management procedures for future use.

At Crowe Bulgaria we offer advisory services of the highest quality at each stage of the good management and control process, beginning with the preparation of the management and the control system (strategies, plans, manuals, analyses, etc.), going through their implementation in the organization (staff trainings, implementation of procedures and policies in the day-to-day work) and finally communication with national and European control bodies regarding good management and control issues.

Our enterprise risk services include:

  • Governance, risk and compliance
  • Controls, transformation and assurance
  • Security, privacy and resiliency
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Internal audit