Audit And Assurance

Audit and Assurance

What we offer

At Crowe Bulgaria we are strongly committed to deliver the highest quality audit and assurance services, which can add value and strengthen investor confidence. Although the rules of the business have changed throughout the years, and will keep doing so, the fundamentals of it however haven’t. We believe that in order to meet investor expectations, your financial statements and disclosures are to be completed with accuracy, understandability and be fairly presented.

In order to sustain confidence in both your own company and the financial system altogether, the audit is a key component. To do that, it must adjust to the constant skepticism and analysis by investors and keep up with the fast-evolving corporate environment. Quality and consistency are at the heart of what we do at Crowe Bulgaria.

Your audit doesn’t just provide you with the assurance of compliance with the reporting standards, but there are many other important by-products to the process as well. An example could be the identification of internal management issues, which can help you pinpoint challenges you might be facing now, and help you eliminate others further down the line.

The way we do this is by implementing the latest regulatory standards and fully examining and understanding not only your business in particular, but also the industry you operate in as a whole. We consider all the risks that your company faces, or might face in the future; how your management is addressing these risks, and whether the reports to stakeholders are transparent enough.

Crowe Bulgaria’s audit and assurance teams include professionals among which are statutory auditors, members of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Bulgaria and members of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Our methodology is in accordance with the International Standards of Auditing.

Our audit and assurance services include:

  • Financial statement audit
  • Corporate reporting
  • Review engagements
  • Agreed upon procedures
  • IT assurance services