Start Up

If you've just launched a business or are in the process of doing so, you will be faced with a mountain of tasks:

  • what do you have to do to start a company?
  • how do you create a business plan?
  • do you have sufficient funding or are you stil raising more?
  • have you considered the various advantages and disadvantages of the different types of companies?
  • are you focussing regionally or adopting a national or even international stance?

And that's not even all the administrative tasks that you will be faced with at such a time..

All very exciting, but just how are you going to tackle this on your own? If you get professional guidance from the very start you'll avoid those common beginner's mistakes that hold up the launch of your company!

While your situation may be unique, there are always certain boxes that must be ticked, and thanks to our many years to experience we help to:

  • draw up the best business plan for your company
  • substantiate it using the correct financial figures
  • perform the necessary checks
  • keep your ambitions in mind
  • and the staff required to make them come true

We show you how to fulfl all the administrative formalities and all the permits you could apply for so that your business will be a success from the very get-to. With us on board, you can place all your focus on making your dreams come true. We'll do the rest.

Just take a look at the services we can advise you on:

tom zajtmann

"Our main goal is to make your ideas and dreams happen, and guide you along your path. Therefor you will not hear me say where you are, but I will tell you where you are going."

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tom zajtmann
Tom Zajtmann
Accountant - Tax Consultant
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