exact online certification

Exact Online

Online accounting platform

Entrepreneurs who wish to expand need to know what’s going on in their businesses, which is why we work with Exact Software so that you can have real-time access and insight into your financial records. Everything is integrated and automated in a single web app – uploading documents, bookkeeping, following up on outstanding orders/customers and even making payments… accounting has never been this efficient.

Enjoy a real-time overview and complete control over both your finances and relationship management in respect of your accounts, and we will even create a link to your CRM/time records/invoicing software. 

Crowe Spark has been certified as a ‘Cloud Accountant’ by Exact Online and also received the ‘Industry Solutions – Trade’ certificate. Through these certificates Exact Online confirms that Crowe Spark has the knowledge needed to support and advise clients when it comes to accounting, stock, order processing and sales orders.