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Tax Planning

The objective of tax planning is to minimize the incidence of taxation. It involves the planning and modelling of financial transactions in order to understand the cash flows that will result from a specific transaction or course of action, and the stakeholders that will be impacted by them.  We apply tax law to the transactions and quantify the effect. We then advise on the effects and the available alternative courses of action to minimize the incidence of taxation.

The professionals  within the Crowe Global network  possess tremendous knowledge and experience that enable us to provide comprehensive solutions your cross-border tax issues.

Tax Compliance

We ensure that there is Compliance with local accounting legislation, standards and financial and tax reporting. We ensure that tax returns are submitted on time and that all assessments, levies and fees are paid in a timely manner. Our team consist of tax compliance and tax consulting specialists. We scrutinize the existing tax laws and regulations in order to deliver the best possible result for each one of our clients.
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Tax Litigation Support

Tax litigation is litigation over conflicts with tax law or issues that relate to tax matters. This occurs when your tax return has been selected for audit by the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) or when they disagree with various aspect of the tax return that has been filed. We can assist by explaining the basis and calculations, where necessary, for the tax returns that were filed.

When our interpretations of tax law and regulations will differ to those of the BRA, we will meet with them to discuss and to resolve the matter, on your behalf.