Our Services

With more than 50 years of combined experience, our professionals at Crowe Barbados are well qualified to assist you with your professional needs.

Below is a list of services that we offer
When strategic or operational events impact your business, Crowe Barbados will leverage the experience of professionals with deep specialized industry knowledge to develop the right answer for you. 
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Tax is in every aspect of our daily lives. Our aim at Crowe Barbados, is to help you to plan your business in such a way that the incidence of taxation is minimized so that more of your earnings are available to you to enjoy.

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Audit services are essential to establish credibility and build reputation. We base our audit on key principles to help ensure optimal service for our clients in the listed, private and public sector. Please click here on here for a full description of the audit and other assurance services that we provide.

Risk is defined as the probability that something will not go according to plan. The professionals at Crowe Barbados have an enviable track record of delivering results in this service area. Our objective is to help you to identify those risks and to quantify the financial and the non-financial impact on your business and its stakeholders. We will also work with to help you to implement the recommendations that we make in order to mitigate those risks.

Be aware! Be proactive! Be Diligent! Do not be caught by surprise!
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