Advisory Services

We leverage our industry knowledge and expertise in functional areas to develop solutions to your business problems

Below are some of the advisory services that we offer
Corporate Restructuring
Many businesses come to a point when they lose direction. This can be occasioned by the loss of key employees, key markets, changes in legislation, changes in technology, and the list can go on. The point here is - you must know what drives your business and what impacts your success. Only when you have the relevant information can you make effective decisions. Crowe Barbados will leverage the experience of its professionals with deep industry knowledge to work with you to identify  and to understand the business drivers that impact you. We can help you to identify important movements in your market that may signal that it is time to make important changes.
Business Plans and Business Development
Whether you are a new or existing business we can assist you with the development of your business plans. These typically include competitive and SWOT analysis, projected cash flows, projected financial statements. Analysis of the underlying factors that impact your business is critical before making that investment. Information is power. It is the cornerstone of success. Hence you MUST consider your business risks (i.e. all the things that would prevent you from achieving your goals). We will work with you to identify, understand and to mitigate these risks.
Management Buy-outs and Buy-ins
The critical difference between a management buy-out and a management buy-in is that the former usually mean that existing management no longer want to continue running the company. The latter means that the new managers will become part of the existing management team. In both cases, there needs to be a valuation of the company so that the prospective new owners and managers can purchase their participating interest. Whether that interest is a majority stake or a minor participation we can work with you and advise on what is a reasonable price for the risks being undertaken.
Corporate Finance

Crowe Barbados provides advisory services to private organisations, management teams  on valuation, deal structuring and implementation.

Whenever necessary we work with other member firms in the Crowe Global network, to provide creative solutions for disposals, fund raising, private equity and M&A deals, as well as project finance.  We also deliver expert valuation and rigorous financial, economic and strategic advice on your business, brands, products, services, customers and markets.

We are able to draw upon the expertise held by due diligence and tax specialists in the Crowe Global network of firms and offer integrated solutions based on extensive industry and market knowledge.

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