Frequent changes and amendments are typical of Tax Legislation, as a result of which this sphere becomes less predictable for business.
Crowe & Asatryans LLC develops strategies that meet modern business requirements. We can help you with the following questions:
  • Advice on tax legislation (including expected changes)
  • Tax legislation courses and seminars
  • Tax risk assessment
  • Tax planning
  • Tax calculation, preparation of tax reports, adjustment and balance check
  • Clarifications on individual types of taxes
  • Calculation and assessment of tax consequences for individual transactions.
In the ever-changing reality, our specialists will quickly guide you on the following issues:
  • Corporate tax (Profit tax)
  • Personal Tax (Income Tax)
  • Pension benefits
  • Non-resident taxes
  • VAT (Sales Tax)
  • Excise tax
  • Other taxes.

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