Retail & Consumer

Nowadays, everything is changing and developing very fast. Changes in consumer preferences are greatly influenced by technological development and globalization.
This challenges organizations to reduce costs and provide better customer service.

Online shopping is developing year by year all over the world, including in Armenia, which is facilitated by the rapid development of technologies, global digitalization, as well as a number of difficult situations related to the free movement of people.

It is very important for organizations to find their market and segment. In the current complicated geopolitical situation, it is necessary to get the right advice on the quotas of exported and imported good for the countries, to study the embargoes, the lists of sanctions, etc. This can create additional problems on the way from the seller to the consumer.

Correct calculations of costs, margins are very important, because in this case the competition is between the sellers and resellers all over the world. Cargo transportation costs (logistics) and taxes make up a specific share in the cost accounting. Especially their proper accounting and tax optimization can have a significant impact on gaining a competitive advantage. In the world market, the 3% -5% cost difference can play a significant role in bulk sales. Marketing policies, discounts and market research also have a significant impact on the proper organization of retail sales.
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