With high levels of change and uncertainty in our economy and society, the role of charities is more important, and more challenging, than ever.

Operating as a Charity/Institution of a Public Character (IPC) has never been more challenging amidst the several highly publicized cases of wrong doing in the charity sector; the increasing demands from grant makers, regulators and the general public on regulatory compliance; mounting pressure on the availability of funds; as well as the ability to recruit and retain the right people.

Crowe & Asatryans LLC work closely with charities to help them gain insight and make choices about how they best navigate through these uncertain times.

Being in the forefront of these changes and having conducted many reviews on governance, compliance and internal controls in charities and IPCs, Crowe & Asatryans LLC understands the concerns that leaders of Charities/IPCs may have.

The Commissioner of Charities (COC) has laid down the following objectives in its vision to develop a well-governed and thriving charity sector with strong public support:

Promote good governance and best practices
Ascertain Regulatory Compliance

Our purpose is to bild public trust in society and solve important problems- and charities are at the heart of both.

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