Crowe Al offers their Clients the following services
    •    Statutory audits of financial statements
    •    Audit, Assurance and related services on other than annual financial statements for commercial and non- commercial companies;
    •    Managerial and other performance audits;
    •    Appraisal/valuations, measurements and other estimations;
    •    Consultancies and business advice aiming at improvement of the performance of the business accounting systems and data reporting to the management;
    •    Bookkeeping, accounting services and financial reporting, monthly, quarterly and annually
    •    Tax services and advices and other related consultancies in the fiscal field
    •    Setting up chart of accounts and assistance on implementation based on business entities needs
    •    Drafting company internal regulations, general and specialized on accounting and internal audit departments
    •    Supervisory activities regarding to the maintaining of accounting (bookkeeping) and reporting frequently with regarding to the weakness and risks associated with such operations;
    •   Training in accounting (local and International reporting standards), auditing (International Standards on Auditing (ISAs)), tax regulation, company organization and other relevant fields, to the       staff members of staff clients needs
    •    Financial statements reviews;
    •    Drafting business plans, forecasts and various prospects
    •    Business advice