Industries Sector


Our firm offers broad technical expertise and deep local market knowledge in audit, tax, and advisory services to different clients in industries including small medium and large entities. We are committed to building lasting relationships with clients, focusing on understanding the client's perspective, the client's needs and the goals of the client. The results are innovative business solutions designed for the unique needs of the client, solutions that optimize firm performance in challenging regulatory environments, optimize risk exposure, and assure highly effective accounting strategies in even the most competitive of industries.

Key industries in which we are experts include: 


  •    Manufacturing
  •    Construction
  •    Utilities, water, energy
  •    Retail
  •    Hotel, Tourism and Leisure
  •    Healthcare
  •    Technology & Telecommunications
  •    Governments agencies




  •    Professional Services
  •    Transportation
  •    Distribution
  •    Education
  •    Media
  •    Oil and gas Industries & Mining
  •    Not for Profit
  •    Other sectors