KSA VAT Refund for Non-Residents

KSA VAT Refund For Non-Residents

Eligibility And Procedure 

KSA VAT Refund for Non-Residents

On February 2023, Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) issued a Tax circular discussing the VAT refund process for non-resident companies incurring VAT within the KSA.

Stage 1 - Registration as a person eligible for refund

Criteria to be qualified as eligible person for a refund:

  • Non-resident must be registered for tax similar to VAT in his country.
  • There must be Reciprocity between KSA and that country.
  • The non-resident has no residency in the KSA or any GCC countries.

Stage 2 – VAT Refund Application

Requirements to be eligible for the VAT refund application:

  • Tax paid must not be a result of the supply of goods or services in any GCC country
  • Tax paid is related to taxable supplies and not subject to input VAT recovery restrictions.
  • Tax amount subject to the refund must be SAR 1,000 or more.
  • The application must be submitted electronically through ZATCA’s portal.
  • The supporting tax invoice must meet the KSA VAT invoicing requirements

Other Reminders

  • Timeline: Submitted on a calendar year basis
  • Deadline: 6 months from the end of the calendar year
  • Only 1 refund request for the same calendar year.

Key Takeaways

  • Non-resident companies incurring KSA VAT must assess whether they will qualify as eligible person for a refund.
  • If eligible for a refund, assess if the requirements for the VAT refund application are met
  • Be aware of the timeline (i.e., calendar year) and deadline to avoid the rejection of the refund application.


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